As far back as MJs memory will allow, music has been in his life. Beginning in 1970s London his early life was spent mixing up plastic records on a fisher price musical train from about the age of 3. He was the only kid on the street to have two of them!  This offered MJ a totally different opportunity in the world that was about to unfold. Beat mixing nursery rhymes (he laughs out loud).

As the year’s progressed, musical taste began to develop, soulful influences from Greg Edward and Robbie Vincent always on the youth club radio. It was a firm favourite among the regulars… Soul, Funk, & boogie as a youngster was sure to be a way of life from now on. 

MJs teenage years were mainly spent earning small amounts of money from paper rounds, washing cars, working as a stable hand and lots of time at the youth club. Hard work was exchanged for records where MJs passion for soulful music was exercised.  A set of decks was always at the top of the request list come Birthdays and Christmas!  MJ was about 15 when his first mixer and decks arrived – a joint Christmas & Birthday special.
With a vast music collection in place, ropey mix tapes were created. At this time ‘acid house’ music had well and truly took over, with a four to the floor disco beat this made mixing so much appealing over the typical soul tracks of the early 80s. As they say, practice practice practice!

Just as MJ hit 18 The Ministry of Sound (est .1991) was just about to set the house scene on fire, with its huge sound system and visiting DJs like Larry Levan & David Morales. Such godly DJs would provide a weekly church for every house head in the land to flock.  This influence drove MJ to keep on with the bedroom practice, the tapes proved to be a hit among work friends, so he took DJing to the road by offering a mobile DJ service.
As time progressed MJ took on various events and guest slots at local pubs. The Crown (Langdon Hills) was a very popular Sunday night haunt where MJ could flex his mixing prowess, playing a mixture of house & soulful tracks.   

It wasn’t until mid 00’s did MJ take on his DJing with gusto, starting up a brand called So Soulful with two fellow DJs. The launch night at Thurrock’s Las Iguanas was a huge success, and continues to this very day, with the same ethos of playing the best soulful Latin & funky house.

Always looking for new opportunities, MJ and fellow Zero Radio DJ Darren Bull (Bully) created a new night for a slightly older crowd, taking things back to the 80s & 90s with a Soulful, funky twist they call Soulful Seduction. It is now in its 5th year, with over 5 venues playing host to their events on a regular basis, complete with collaboration with other brands, DJs and events such as CityLife.

You can be sure MJ will deliver something very special when behind the decks, exploring avenues of soulful funky music with an aim to create that special energy on the dancefloor, when the tracks are totally rocking he will leave the booth and join you on the floor…  That’s because MJ doesn’t take life to seriously and offers a light hearted approach to music while remaining as cool as a cucumber… but don’t ever touch his hair!

To catch up with MJs latest mixes make sure you exploit his music server or to find out where he is playing next!

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